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8 Benefits To Making Love (Sex)

Submitted by Ernest Igugu    18+  please.

Sex not only feel good, it can also be good for you. Here is what a healthy sex life can do for you.

1. Lower Blood pressure Research relating sex and blood pressure, showed that sexual intercourse lowered systolic pressure,that the number on top of your blood pressure test

2. It Reduces the incidence of cancer A common cancer sexual intercourse actually reduce by at least 36 percent is prostatic cancer in Male. This actually work on the mechanism of emptying the prostate of irritating chemical in the organ which might predispose it to cancer

3. Lower Heart Attack Risk A good sex is good for the heart work because it raise heart rate and also helps to balance oestrogen and testosterone level

4. Counts As Exercise Sex is a really great form of exercise. Sex uses about five calories per minute,four more times than resting or watching TV

5. Lessen pain Orgasm block pain,it relaxes a hormone that helps raises pain threshold.

6. Improves Women bladder control A strong pelvic floor muscle is important to avoid incontinence (uncontrollable urination), which affect 30 percent of women. Good sex aids in contraction of the pelvic floor muscle, which strengthens them

7. Eases Stress Being close to your partner can soothe stress and anxiety. Sex and intimacy can boost your self-esteem and happiness

8. Improves Sleep After orgasm,the hormone prolactin is released, which is responsible for the feeling of relaxation and sleeping after sex Conclusively, eating right,staying active, getting enough sleep, using condom when you don’t know your partner STD States will improve your immunity and prolong your life

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