I think i’m gradually loosing patience in this Man called Buhari..

I say this because i’m not partisan. Buhari and his party enjoys going to America and touring the developed countries of the world but cannot eventake an example from them.

They were handed a near sound economy growing at 6.6 percent, inflation tamed to 8 percent, the biggest economy (on paper sha) in Africa despite the security challenges, readily available FOREX for banks to honor importer’s letters of credit, a Stock Market with capitalization standing at almost N12T. Now, Instead of them to build and improve on these indices, they have instead, within eight months wrecked every thing they were handed over to the extent that annual growth is now less than 1 percent, inflation has risen to an unprecedented 12.4 percent, acute forex scarcity with the Naira shedding almost 100percent of it’s value in just 8 months (with no sign of stopping and no measures taken) and capitalization has dropped to N7T with no hope in sight, as hedge funds from the US and Europe are not coming in completely due to zero government policy and the complete delisting of Nigeria (which GEJ though worked hard to achieve) from the JP Morgan Index.

Last Wednesday, the ONLY agenda discussed at FEC meeting was an approval sought by the Lagos State Govt to borrow money.

Can you imagine? Despite the challenges! That’s why Vice President Osinbajo didn’t waste his time attending and instead opted to travel to Kaduna. The most annoying thing is, instead of this admistration to have begun work, they are just too busy blaming past government and doing nothing to rectify the harvoc they’re causing. It appears they still don’t have policies or agenda. They are extra incompetent to the extent that we’re appraoching the end of January and they’re still working on their budget of madness. They couldn’t even maintain adequate fuel supply to Nigerians.

They have absolutely nothing to offer yet but propaganda.

I’m seriously losing patience in this new administration just like i did to the previous government..

I should be once critical of this system of administration and i don’t care whose ass is gored.

Very annoying. #Iwe_ne’wem# Eminent Emmanuel Etuokwu.

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