Failed Role of The Nigerian Senate

Submitted by Ernest Igugu

The executive ,the legislative and the judiciary are the three arms of government.

However the role of senate as a legislative is to check and balance the executive besides other responsibility of bill appropriation, and constitution amendment as need arises.

This role of the senate in check and balance of the executive entails confirmation of executive appointment, check mating excessive expenditure of the executive by approving executive budget, loan as the case may be.

The 8th national assembly particularly the upper chamber is yet to prove their competency in this crucial responsibility of being elected into office since the revelation of forged standing-rule; which was used in electing the senate president and his deputy, the leadership of upper house has become like a lion in a cage that can only roar to intruder without action to compliment. Beside the standing rule saga the senate president Dr. Bukola Saraki has impending case of false asset declaration which is on the “beam of shake too much you fall” between the executive and the senate president. And it’s leader has become handicap to issues they ought to standup to and rectify when necessary.

Furthermore the executive have taken advantage of the loop hole of the senate leader to do what pleases him, in appointment and in auguration of boss of ministries without regards to senate for confirmation or screening, present and retrieving of budget without regards to the senate knowledge, nominating persons with fraud allegation in which panel was even set up to investigate him and the senate venture not to do anything contrary to what is expected from the presidency.

This intimidating atmosphere will continue between the senate and executive, and the upper chamber will continue to fail in their sole reason of electing them except the senate president and his deputy is replace or they are been justify of their allegations.

Conclusively Nigerians expect much from the upper chamber and for them to carry out their responsibility without fear, intimidation or bias Long lives federal republic of Nigeria

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