Obesity: Unbelievable Facts Unveiled

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Submitted by Ernest Igugu

What is obesity
Obesity is the excess accumulation of body fat, while overweight is the excess amount of body weight that includes muscle bone, fat and water. One can be overweight without being obese;a body builder who has a lot of muscle for example. However most overweight are obese.

However is difficult for nurses and doctor to actually determine body fat but the most commonest way to assess obesity is the skin fold thickness using the bicep and the triceps of the upper arm but most desirable is weight-for-height tables and body mass index (BMI),this is done by dividing a person weight in kilograms by height in metre squared.
The degree of obesity is associated with BMI ranges from mild obesity at a BMI near 27,moderate obesity at 30,severe obesity at 35 and very severe at 40 and above.

Causes of obesity
The causes of obesity is complex and include genetic, biological, behavioural and cultural factors. However obesity occur when a person eats more calories than the person can burn up.

Furthermore the following attributes to obesity;

  • poor eating habits
  • overeating or binging
  • lack of exercise
  • family history of obesity
  • medical illnesses
  • medication e.g steroids
  • stressful events
  • family and peer problems
  • low self-esteem
  • depression or other emotional problems

Complications of obesity

  • Heart disease; nearly 70% of disease are obese individual
  • Breast and colon cancer

Almost half of breast cancer are obese women and 42% of colon cancer are obese individual

  • diabetes

Almost all obese person suffer from diabetes due to excessive demand on pancreatic secretions

  • osteoarthritis
  • cervical cancer
  • prostate cancer
  • menses irregularities
  • gout
  • kidney challenge

Ways to manage Obesity

  • start a weight management program
  • change eating habits
  • plan meal and make better meal selection
  • consume less calories
  • limit snacking
  • increase physical activity
  • attend support group

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