No Intention of Sacking Dedicated NNPC Workers – KACHIKWU

Written By Felix O Okotie

KACHIKWU had no intention of sacking NNPC workers as long as they will play within the rules and sit up.

Each time NNPC plan to distribute fuel via Pipelines, that is when the vandals and oil thieves resume their activities. KACHIKWU believes that the sabotage against the smooth distribution of fuel and oil theft have great accomplices within the NNPC itself. Some people within the corporation alert the vandals each time fuel is transported through pipeline. Whenever pipelines are not in use, no vandals, no theft.

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Therefore, he decides to post the current staff at the pipeline section to another section without losing their ranks and also to rotate workers who will be working at the Pipeline units. The workers will not even know when they will be on duty…..because we must stop these tanker drivers menace and pollution, accidents, deaths on our roads! Till the rail will be ready, pipelines must be put to productive use.

The staff of NNPC working at the Pipeline section said no one can remove them or post them to other sections……..Where in the world can this rubbish be taken from employees. ..??? PENGASAN and NUPENG are also in solidarity with these incredible workers.

Did they bury their placenta at the Pipeline section of the NNPC??? Obviously, they have formed their sabotaging empires around our pipelines. …..Anyone who doesn’t want to be posted out from a section can just resign and go! No matter the lenght of a labourer’s moustache, the one who employs him is his master.

Support NNPC Restructuring and together, we can end this economic slavery in Nigeria and let’s make sure we jointly/ collectively fight against this corruption that is fighting back from different angles.

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