Nigerians were greeted with the breaking news about the death of Former Bayelsa state Governor Chief Diepreye Alamieseigha on the 10th October, 2015.
Untill the news of his death Alamieseigha was under fire of an extradiction requested by the UK government and five months down the lane after he was reported dead, it is still unclare wether the former Niger Delta politician will be burried soon.

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At the moment, No news about his corps, No funeral arrangement, No information from the Family or the Bayelsa state government on when and how the late elder state man will be burried.
This development has however created a mixed reaction among many concerned Nigerians who are curious about the authenticity of Chief Alamieseigha’s death, some even expressed doubt whether the former governor who brilliantly defeated the Uk security formation to jump bail some years ago is actually dead or alive?
Many have argued that the Ex-governor is not dead that he only fled the country for a self impossed exile in order to escape justics.
What do you think?

~~~Martins Onos~~~

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