Nigeria is not the problem but Nigerians, politicians killed a Youth corper in Rivers State rerun election who unfortunately is an orphan with none of the two parents alive, but his colleagues were seeing celebrating because Gov Wike offered increment in state allowances to them.

Politicians at times are not wrong inflicting pains on us, they have studied us that we lack focus and ambition, nothing concerns average Nigerians even if his neighbor is in danger just for him to eat suya or shawama. A country with this sets of youths has no feasible future, because the Youths lack Focus and Self Discipline in all ways.

Nigeria is not worth dying or go crazy for. We are the problem of ourselves and not any politicians.

Rest in peace brother, may your blood cry for vengeance on those who shed your blood because our government cannot do anything since you are not a son of Senator, Minister ………. I really weep here for you

My condolence,

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Corps Members Rejoice As Gov Wike Increase State Allowance In Rivers State
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