It is estimated that over 2.3 million people are newly infected with HIV per year and most new infections occur in Sub-Saharan Africa, mainly as a result of unprotected heterosexual intercourse. A large proportion of prevalent HIV infections are among people in long-term marital or consensual relationships, and several studies suggest that marriage is associated with the risk of prevalent HIV, especially in women. However, it is unclear whether HIV infection precedes entry into marriage or whether it is a consequence of marriage since differences in the duration of exposures between the unmarried and married states affect the estimated risk of prevalent infection associated with marriage.

But the ongoing survey shows that some persons were affected with HIV before they enter marriage. This was seen in the case of one Mr John O. and Miss Ejiro who have put all things in place for their marriage ceremony. The church Pastor that intend to officiate the Holy Matrimony service for both ask them for some certain process and thing that they have do before white wedding in the church. The intend new couple have done almost all but left with HIV test, so they decided to go for the test and bring the result sheet to Pastor before the fixed date. Just a week to the deal date, friends and family are around most especially those that came for afar or close relations that have one role or the other to play were around already.

The result of the HIV test as to put a stop to the marriage since the man was tested HIV positive and the lady was tested HIV negative. But some peoples include the medical doctor are encourage her to go ahead with the marriage. Reasons been that the date as been send across, some guests and invitees are around, for love sake, since she HIV Negative is still more ok as both can bear child or children of their own.

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HIV Put A Stop To Our Wedding Ceremony Says Victim
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