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calm down Niaja by PMBKEEP CALM ….
█ It’s ironic that those who wanted PDP to rule for 60 years are those who are now demanding a miraculous change. Change from what? Did they not love the rot, corruption and impunity that were the hallmark of the previous administration?

█ If they are now wailing about change, it’s an indictment on the administration of Pres. Jonathan. It confirms what we have known all along that things were totally, utterly and completely bad under PDP and needed to change.

█ It’s not fair that after their failed bid to keep PDP in power, they are now in a rush to change from the rotten system they handed over to the present administration of President Buhari. Or is it all about cash haulage?

█ Change is here for sure. Those who measure change in terms of sharing cash looted from public funds can never see that sort of change under this administration.

█ Those who know the difference between rot and sanity can already begin to see change. More will come, but it takes time. We all need to keep calm and work towards lasting change. 
God bless us, everyone.
By Lauretta Onochie 

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