Nigerian Army Massacred Ovre r’eku Community And How Hon Evance Ochuko Step In To Resolve Issue

Hon. Evance Ivwurie personal visit to Ovre r’eku community barely 48 hours after the massacre of Eku Women by the Nigerian Army deployed by Edo State Government and Presco Plc. Over 50 women were hospitalized, tens of Motorcycles and Bicycles carted away from the community by the soldiers and 87 years old mama Alice Omadefe who was massacred is yet to be found.

He decried the quest of Delta lucrative Oil Wells by Edo State Government, Presco Plc and NewCross Petroleum Limited who have connived with the 4th Brigade of the Nigerian Army, Benin city to deploy all military resources (Soldiers, Arms and War Vehicles) to displace, harass, molest, flog, beat up and cause deadly injuries on residents of Ovre r’Eku Community in Ethiope East Local Government Area of Delta State.

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In furtherance to his commitment to ensuring that justice prevail in the Ovre r’Eku massacre and attack on our people, He moved a motion on the floor of the House on March 8, 2016. Please read:


Mr. Speaker and my Hon. Colleagues,
Seven days ago, precisely on March 2, 2016, Soldiers attached to Presco Plc led by one Lt. E. D. Oworobo and unknown men from Edo State carried out a brutal, barbaric, sporadic and spontaneous attack on our fragile old women living at Ovre r’Eku community, a farmland and ancestral land belonging to Eku – Agbon –Ethiope East -my Constituency and Delta State.

They beat up, flogged and injured our mothers and grandmothers who were protesting the annexation and appropriation approach signaled with the invasion, take over and conquest action of the Edo State Government and the Oba of Benin Palace as a result of the discovery of sweet light Brent crude oil and very lucrative oil wells in the land.

Mr. Speaker, I undertook a personal visit to Ovre r’Eku across River Ethiope, the forest and the desert land four (4) days after the invasion and massacre and I was shocked, devastated and still in pain as a result of what I discovered, what I was told and the level of injuries and pains inflicted on my people.

Mr. Speaker, eight days after this unprovoked aggression, Mama Alice Agbemrehwue Omadefe -87 years old daughter of Delta State is still missing and the entire Ovre r’Eku community search party for her has not yielded any fruit. Also, tens of motorcycles and bicycles carted away from the community youths who came to the rescue of the women are still missing.

Mr. Speaker, Ovre r’Eku owe their allegiance to HRM Ukori 1, Ogurimerime, Ovie of Agbon Kingdom in Ethiope East Local Government Area. Ovre r’Eku is Urhobo of Delta Central land. Mr. Speaker, Ovre r’Eku is Delta State and NOT Edo State.

But today, Mr. Speaker, Presco Plc and Newcross Petroleum Ltd are doing their oil exploration activities and businesses in the community and they have renamed Ovre r’Eku as Iwevbo Community of Orhionwon LGA of Edo State, and have built a block of four classrooms and a small Church in the Community with their commissioning plaque on the building wall reading: Ato Primary School, Iwevbo, Orhionwon LGA of Edo State.

Mr. Speaker, I Hon. (Chief) Evance Ochuko Ivwurie lived with my paternal grandmother in Ovre r’Eku where we still own a house and a farmland till date. Mr. Speaker Ovre r’Eku has been the property and landed asset of Eku – Delta State for over 500 years.

But as we speak, Mr. Speaker, Our aged mother is missing and tens of our women have ended up in hospital beds because of the Edo State Government desperation to appropriate our land because of the lure, avarice and greed for Delta State oil that has made them to all of a sudden lay claim and annex this sacred land belonging to Eku and Delta State.

I move that this Honourable House do now call on His Excellency, the Governor of Delta State Senator Dr. Arthur Ifeanyi Okowa to urge His Excellency the President and Commander-in-Chief of the Armed Forces of the Federal Republic of Nigeria President Muhammadu Buhari, to as a matter of urgency direct:

1. The Chief of Army Staff to carry out an investigation into the ugly incident of unlawful and illegal invasion, massacre and occupation of Ovre r’Eku Community in Ethiope East Local Government Area of Delta State by soldiers attached to Presco Plc that took place on the 2nd day of March, 2016 at Ovre r’ Eku and fish out the soldiers involved in this dastardly act led by one Lt. E.D. Oworobo and bring same to book.

2. The Edo State Government, the Palace of the Oba of Benin, Presco Plc and Newcross Petroleum Limited to desist from further annexing, claiming and colonizing Delta State community of Ovre r’ Eku in Ethiope East Local Government Area of Delta State which they have also renamed as Iwevbo as part of Orhionwon Local Government Area of Edo State and Benin Kingdom.

3. Presco Plc and its Chairman Col. Paul Ogbebor (rtd) to bring back our missing mother and grandmother Mama Alice Agbemrehwue Omadefe Age 87 years old who was severely beaten up by the soldiers attached to Presco Plc, tens of motorcycles and bicycles carted away by the soldiers.

4. The National Boundary Commission and other relevant Ministries or Agencies saddled with the responsibility of boundary adjustment in Nigeria to immediately determine the boundaries between both States in the said community, in other to finding a lasting solution to this perennial issue, prevent further re-occurrence and break down of law and order.

I beg to move.

Hon. (Chief) Evance Ochuko Ivwurie
Member Representing Ethiope East State Constituency.

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