The Buhari/APC irresponsible government of blaming others for their incompetence and unprofessionalism on the BUDGET PADDING AND THE REDEPLOYMENT OF 184 MEMBER STAFF of the budget office.

Imagine Buhari putting blaming of budget padding on those who won’t dare challenge him. Let’s come to think of his action over the said action. If truly they did then why were they redeployed to another department and not face the EFCC and then taken to court for attempted fraud or unauthorized alteration of the presidency documents?

The reason for the budget padding is not because the budget office officials wanted to make money.

The question to ask is how will they benefit from the padding of the budget?

How will the officials at the budget office have access to accounts of ministries beyond their jurisdiction?

If the budget office official were truly guilty of padding as accused by Buhari who is looking for where to hang his incompetences, why has none of them (the accused ) been arrested by EFCC?

Note that There is a crime called attempted fraud and unauthorized distortion of official documents.

The truth about the whole show of presidential shame under Buhari’s (impersonation of integrity ) is that the presidency is 100% to be blame for 2016 budget padding.

Do any APCians dare to ask me why? Ok let me explain it based on my view which you should think as Nigerian and not partisan viruses.

Note that the objective of 2016 budget was wrong from the start.
You can’t solve a problem from the end point of the problem.

Buhari cannot just wake up and say his government must spend the sum of N6 trillion as a way to kick start the economy when you don’t have enough justification to spend that much.

The issue of padding arose simply because the presidency and the budget office ran out of ideas on items to insert in the budget to build it up to N6 trillion naira. Imagine they even added rental for aso villa hmmmm APC the all past criminals cannot stop stealing.

Well is not their fault because they (Buhari/APC) believed that since Nigerians of the political laboratory viruses (APCian who thinks politics is like premiership fanfare game) were daft enough to vote them in , so they think the reasonable Nigerians with the help of some reasonable National Assembly members would be so dumb enough to give the budget a smooth passage. Thanks to the wailers I know soon when the gullible brains shall be restored they will appreciate the wailing wailers.

The wailers who have been and has formed the largest opposition to APC government of lies and deceit in Nigeria .

Note that The wailers are not PDPians or APCians but, they are the true patriotic Nigerian who are determined to make a difference whether the ruling party or official opposition party likes it or not.

So next time when someone tagged you as a wailing wailer just smile at him or her about their ignorance because you are one of those keeping the country and economy sane.

Charles Eyimofe Pemu.

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