Two Mafia Members (Cultists) Killed At Abia State University

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Nigeria NewsNigeria News

This 2 Mafiaboys was beheaded yesterday by cult rival over the killing of their number one man(Mafia) at Abia State University. Killing of any number one man of any cult group is more or less killing all the entire members of group. That is why members see it as a duty to protect their Number one Man even to their own detriment.



Cultic activities are sometimes laden with blood. It may be the blood of an animal or that of human beings. He claimed that during initiation rites or during rival group clashes within the University setting, blood flow during which many lives are lost in the process. There are various secret cults now in our institutions of higher learning. They are called different names depending on the institution. There are those cults mostly meant for male students while there are some mostly for the female students. These various cults are usually in conflicts with one another during which many of their lives including those of the innocent non-members are lost.


There are many types of cults in the Nigerian tertiary institutions as of today. From the University of Benin, there emerged in the 80’s the Black Axe Movement. From the University of Ife, there emerged the Maphites who are Seafarers. From the University of Jos there emerged the Vikings which also started as Seafarers with no proper definition or character. The new cult groups in the tertiary institutions now include the Eye. Family Mafia, the Dragon, the Belf Boys ,Red Fox. Klaman, Jurists and so on. According to Offiong there are about thirty-six different cultic groups in the Nigerian campuses as of recent. There are also female cult groups such as Daughters of Jezebel, Black Bra, Virgins and the Amazons. They are always in conflict with rival groups and they always strive to undo each other – Ogunade.

Some other characteristics of the present day cults are:

  1. Illegal possession of firearms;
  2.  Drug abuse;
  3.  Violent crimes like armed robbery;
  4.  Illicit sexual escapades;
  5.  Killing of innocent students, academic and non-academic staff;
  6.  Arson, rape, extortion, threats, physical attacks, blackmail and other inhuman practices.
  7. Factional struggle and war of supremacy culminating in bloody clashes between the cult groups.
  8.  Inter-cult clashes involving the Black Axe, Vickings and Buccaneers. The Pyrate Confraternity (PC) and the Mafia and so on with their disastrous consequences.

Following us at as we interview students on the reasons why they join cults in school.

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