US Election, Trump’s Proposed To Ban Muslim And Its Activities

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US ELECTION: On Monday, longtime Trump aide and Lewandowski ally Stuart Jolly left the campaign. Jolly, who were the campaign’s national field director and a decorated Gulf war veteran, resigned after campaign reorganization meant that he was going to be forced to report to Rick Wiley, a Manafort hire who previously served as Scott Walker’s campaign manager. Many of his duties will now be taken on by Rick Gates, a longtime Manafort aide.

One key element of this fight has been the opening of a Trump campaign office in Washington DC. For a candidate who has cast himself as the opponent of the Republican establishment and special interests, an inside the Beltway office is off message. Another aspect of this conflict has been Trump’s recent lack of appearances on Sunday shows and new increased budget for paid media efforts including television ads.

One source bristled at the media narrative of “two parallel campaign structures” and argued: “If that’s the case, Lewandowski has a structure of 90 people, and Manafort has a structure of three.”

The problem, though, is that in a campaign where Trump has often been his own top strategist, it doesn’t matter who campaign staffers are loyal to, it only matters to whom Trump is loyal.

Still on the campaign and putting modalities in place in ensuring Trump emerges as the Republican Nominee in primary election coming up on July, 2016. In his word, Trump said he will ban Muslim and its activities. Reasoning been the security that the Muslim pose to the world.

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