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The Outcome Of The Naked Protest By UDU Women – Delta

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Few months ago in Delta State, South-South region of Nigeria witnessed a civilized protest by women and among them were aged women in driving home their grievances in UDU LGA as regards to the pains and trauma that the new company that bought off the old PHCN – (the company that bought NEPA) BENDC has inflected on the people of the area. This type of protest was first of its kind in South-South region as the protesters organized and classified themselves in an orderly manner but there was slightly violence at the end of it. Because the women felt that their message cannot be effectively communicated without destroyed one property that belongs to BENDC and another reason for little violence is that teenagers complained their mothers in the protest.

From the day of the protest till date, UDU LGA, Owhase Community and other Communities as a case study as experienced TOTAL BLACK OUT.

The reason for the protest was due to the out outrageous bills the BENDC do bring to the communities. The people of carried out of the bill that they received saying such bill is not comparable at the rate BENDC give them electricity.

In a phone -in – program @Delta Broadcasting Radio Station – DBS Warri, one hour program was slated on this issue.

The presenter of the program said earlier notification was sent to UDU LGA Chairman, BENDC, and others stakeholders in the community to come on the program address this pressing issue facing the good people of UDU.

5 minutes after the official kick off of the program, the UDU Chairman came in and till the end of the program no official of BENDC or other stakeholders came to speak on the issue.

When the program was announce last week that the program will hold today, people of UDU said that the Electricity Company – BENDC won’t come and eventually, they did not turn up.

Permit me to say that the program that host the UDU LGA Chairman Hon. O. SOLOMON speaks of the protest its. Reason was that 70% of callers were Women.

I think that confirmed believed that South-South Women and Delta State Women specific do more of the actions while the Men do the talk. But still they are been intimated by the Men.

Hon. O. Solomon earlier appreciate the people of UDU especially the women for their courage and efforts show so far but condemn the act of violence that later occurred in the protest which lead to destruction BENDC properties and they have to put them in order before power can be supply.

According to the Chairman, BENDC made it known to him and other stakeholders in the community that when they buy PHCN, they bought the assets and deficit i.e. means that the outstanding bills will pay by the consumers regardless of BENDC take over from them. So, that is why they send that amount of bills to them.

UDU community years back do not see the need for electricity not until the need arise as a result of advancement taking place due time and ICT. There is now need to Watch TV, listen to Radio, AC, Refrigerator, charging of phones and others Hon. Solomon said.

It should be noted however that community pay for the bills and a committee was set up to carry out such task i.e. paying the bills to Electricity service provider but it was discover that out of the money, part of it were paid and the other part cannot be accounted for and that is one of the major root of this all issue the Chairman inserted.

I hereby use this medium to call on the Honourable member representing UDU Constituency in Delta State House of Assembly through his SA on New Media Comr. Sunny Basikoro to please come to the aide of the good people of UDU. This should be one of the medium he use to display his true leadership via good visible representation that the UDU and Deltans known him for.

We cannot allow our Mother – the true freedom fighter and advocacy for Peace and home builders to suffer this far for a just course that Men and Youths ought to fight.

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