There Will Be No Biafra: Nigeria Will Remain One Entity Says President Buhari – Onochie

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It is no more a rumor that some top persons both in and outside Nigeria are sponsoring for the separation of the country for some reasons best known to all us, which is Selfishness and Corruption.

Have you ask yourself why is it that this agitation spring up speedily when President Buhari assume office? Laurentta Onochie Media Aids to President Muhammadu Buhari and a Human Right Advocate gave us the President stand on the Biafra issues.

Those calling for or agitating for the breakup of Nigeria are wasting their time. They were busy picking the crumbs that fell from looters table they did not remember that their part of Nigeria was suffering marginalization. For 16 years?

Now that their sources of crumbs are either being investigated, in custody or facing criminal charges, they have remembered that they have been marginalized by those they carried guns for and picked crumbs from.

Nigeria has been one for over 100 years. We have co-existed for nearly that length of time. We have had regional leaders who ensured our marginalization. They corner contracts for capital projects meant to develop their region and pocket the funds without fulfilling the terms of such contracts.

We crown them kings, calling them “Oga”, “Chief”, etc and they throw pittance at us. These regional leaders are the ones who marginalized their own people and it’s not limited to one region. Some of these funds are now being used to sponsor violence against the people of Nigeria and to recruit unwholesome individuals among us to create and disseminate divisive materials on the Social Media.

Nigerians must wake to their roles in citizenship participation. We must begin to hold our local leaders to account. Those who orchestrated our collective and regional marginalization must be exposed and held accountable.

We must take interest in the way we are served by our State Executives, Local Council, executives, elected members of state and Federal representatives. That’s how we can force them to do the right things and stem the decay in our various regions. As President Buhari put it yesterday, Nigeria will remain one.
God bless Nigeria
God bless us, everyone.

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