Tomopolo Join Buhari In Fighting Against Those Involved In Niger Delta Crisis

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The formal leader of the creek in the Niger-Delta region who have been declared wanted by the Federal government of Nigeria has joined his voice with the President, Civil Right Association of Nigeria and other Leaders of the Region in finding lasting solution to occurrence issues in the Region.

Mr Tompolo call on all grieved persons and the new Niger-Delta Avengers in specific to ceased fire following Bombing of Oil companies in Warri, Delta State and Bayselsa State last week. The bombing of oil and gas companies said to have scared away the Oil Experts, workers and investors from the region. Although there were no record of lost of lives rather the facilities and equipment of the companies were destroyed by the Niger-Delta Avengers group.

According to eye witness who confidentially gave first hand information to our correspondent on how Tompolo address the people on the Niger-Delta Avengers issue. He stated clearly the dangers and disadvantages of the group saying that there no economical and political impact on their act eye witness asserted.

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