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BBC Take On The Nigeria Economy – Uwem

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Today BBC report that Nigeria’s Economy is in full blown recession.

Well, If Buhari continues beyond 2019, Dangote will be a beggar. If Buhari can make Nigeria to become SUDDENLY POOR. I have discovered recently that the APC apologists are reducing in numbers. Hunger doesn’t respect any one, irrespective of party affiliations. I wonder why some gullible and blind followers of APC will still come here and type rubbish to defend their clueless, incompetent, tyrant messiah. By the time President Buhari is done with Nigeria, the rich will also cry. The beauty of it is that we are all affected, both the Hailers and the Wailers. It’s a fact that Buhari has led the economy which was number 1 in Africa 15months ago to recession. But what is annoying is his lack of ideas to redeem the already battered economy. Just on Saturday, Buhari told the Japanese Prime Minister in Kenya that Nigeria environment is not conducive for foreign investors. Well Nigerians needs to share part of the blame, for electing an analog president at 80 to run a complex society like ours in digital age. You can’t give what you don’t have. Here lies a difference between a Ph.D. holder and a Certificate forger.

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