GHANA BURGERS: Suspected Ritualists Were Caught On Their Way From Oyo State

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GHANA BURGERS – Are set of young men that took any risks for money. But these are set of people that today ladies always associated with after “sugar-daddy” in the society.

Mobile police apprehend some group of Ghana Burgers at Koko Junction, Delta State.

These young guys said they are coming from Oyo State where all sort of things are been fixed for them to make big money.

They used 2 Ecolax buses and boarded the vehicle from Benin and asked the driver to drive straight to Sapele. On their way, they ran out of luck as police men on parade duty caught them.

One of the culprits said his name is Simeon, he stay at Uruhakpa and a student of Otefe Polytechnic, Oghara, Delta State.

According to their own confession after police interrogations, they said they went for rituals at Oyo State.

The two Ecolax buses contain the following items.

  1. Four used girls pants.
    2. Old mat
    3. Used girls wig
    4. Used girls brassier
    And other concoction items.

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