LAGOS: How My Wife Gave Begger Money And Got Disappeared Right In Front Of Me – Pastor

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LAGOS: It was last Sunday service in the month of July which is thanksgiving service. The service was super and as usual, we decided to get fuel in the filling station at our normal route to house after service.

I drove into the filling station to fill my fuel tank with my lovely wife in side the car. I noticed a begger keep on begging my wife for help, he looks so passionately, harmless, hungry and pitiable in his state of condition.

I was to pay the filling station attendant for the fuel and drove-off, my wife put her hand in her bag brought out money to give to the begger and as the money got to the begger hands, my beautiful wife now look the begger. Her legs was bend as the begger legs, and her face and body as the begger. Immediately, I shouted Jesus!!! I came out of the car and shouted for help.

People around drew close to the scenario and they all seems to be deaf and dumb as they saw my wife coming out of the car, look like the begger. Few minutes later, the people held the man – the begger, start to question and beat him.

He said he can return my wife former state of look and appearance. The beating gets worse as he fail to mention who send him or what his mission is all about, but keep saying “i can return her former look and state of health back to her”.

This statement makes the people to stop and hear him out. He said if my wife can kiss him in his mouth that her former look will return immediately. Without any other thoughts, I agreed for her to kiss him provided that the ritualist – begger in disguise return my wife appearance and look. To my greatest surprise, as she kissed him they both disappeared.

According to eye-witness who claimed to be familiar with that area said that this will make it twice such a thing have occurred in Ikorodu, Lagos State at that location.

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