GHANA BURGER: Ritualists Arrested In Ijebu-Igbo With Human Fresh

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The get it rich and big syndrome regardless of the means and consequences by Nigerian youths is not a new thing in our society. But recently, Nigerian youths has displayed animal spirits of the highest order by doing anything to get money quick by all means and spiritual methods happens to be the way out. Research as show that females are the high victims of this act and their (females) are one of the reasons why young men involved in such evil act.

Tweet.ng was able to gather and repackage this incident.:

Nurudeen Adeniyi, 34, suspects.

Nurudeen Adeniyi is my name, I am 34 years old. I am selling
cement and rice and I am an Alfa.

I told him (Banjo) that I need human heart and he said he has a
man that can get it for him.

I just take the delivery of this one (hearts) and I have collected two
pieces two years ago.

I am not the person that used the one I collected two years ago,
the person that used that one is dead now.

I want to use the parts for eyonu, ebe a won agba – meaning magic blessings from the gods.
I regret my actions and I want Nigerians to forgive me.
Tunde Banjo, 29, herbalist, suspect.

This my brother asked me that he needs breast and ‘TOTO’ (female
genitals) and one day I was playing in my house and I see this guy
with his friend and I told them that one of my brothers need this
thing and he said he could get it for me.

He called me one day that he has seen a lady. I was not there
when they killed her o but she was killed in my (herbalist) office.
Temitope Alaba 20, suspect

“I was there when they killed the girl but I wasn’t the one that killed
her. I am an herbalist apprentice.
The girl was killed with a knife.
It was Tobi and ‘Asa’ (nickname) that killed the girl. They brought
her from Ago Iwoye area.

When the lady was resisting sexual advances from them, they hit
her with a charm and she couldn’t say anything again.
Tobi Olukoya , 20, suspect

I was outside, I don’t know how Pepe and Tope killed her.
They told me they needed women breast and private part and if I
could lure a girl to their place, they would give me 30 thousand

But they only gave me 500 naira to go and eat after the operation.
I picked them from Ago garage.

To you Ladies out there don’t put pressure on your male friends because he is broke. And stop looking for people that are rich until you get used for ritual.
It hurts to see young girls run after money because they want to meet up with
demands or their fellow ladies’ class.

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