PHOTONEWS: The CEO Of Facebook Meet With President Buhari – Abuja

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Mr. Mark Zurkerburg the chief executive office of Facebook re-visited Nigeria. Following his first visit to Sub-African Countries, Yaba was his first place of call. Yaba is of the major business hub in Lagos state, and its known to housed ICT of all kinds.

This could be said to be reason why Mark decided to pay un-announced visit to Nigeria, and the first place of contact was the CcHUB.

The CcHUB is an Internet and Applications providers at Yaba, Lagos, Nigeria. They have thousands of clients that they render services to. With the help of Facebook, they launch applications. They have been on business for some time. Mr. Mark Zurkerburg was so impressed by what he saw on ground and how creative young Nigerians are.

To add fun to his visit, he took on road jog on the Ikoyi high – bridge with about four of his colleagues/business partners in Nigeria.

He later flew to Kenya. Still on his visit/tour to Africa. But its look more of business tour. He spent a day in Kenya and revisited Nigeria.

Mr. Zurkerburg visited President Buhari at the Aso Rock, Abuja un – announced. He took a selfie photo with President Buhari and member of his cabinet that were present at as the time of his visit.

Details of his visit later as it unfold ….

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